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Part 2 I How to design Wonderful 3D Masjid (Mosque) using Sketchup

Learn Sketchup step by step


This video shows you how you can make a 3D Masjid (Mosque) by Sketchup Step by | This is Part 02 means step 2 video . Check other steps to know more.

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Steps :

  1. Open your computer & then open Google Sketchup. Choose your desired view ( outside view recommended )
  2. Then start the video & follow every steps slowly, in any problem please let us know by comment below.

Requirements :

  1. Computer ( minimum core i5 & 4 GB Ram )
  2. Google Sketchup ( version 2014 or better )
  3. Idea of model ( what you going to create )
  4. 1 Paper ( for sketching help ) & pencil
  5. Sketchup plugin for models

For Students :

Get Free Google Sketchup licence from here  —-


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